Environment and Quality Declaration
 As group of ROKI Co., Ltd. Japan, all employees shall actively promote the effective use of resources, energy and products to protect the global environment and shall work towards environmental conservation.

PT.ROKI INDONESIA as a company of Roki Group in achieving to be the "Top Filtration Company in the World", always striving to improve Customer Satisfaction, by providing the reliable products and improving performance of Quality and Environmental Management System.

This will be accomplished by undertaking following commitment:


  1. Always providing products that meet customer's requirements, by principle "The next process is our customers".
  2. Meet Compliance Obligations.
  3. Conducting environmental protection including the prevention of environmental pollution, minimization of air pollution and industrial waste that have an important impact with the environment.
  4. Always doing continual improvment from Quality and Environmental management system to increase performance of Quality and Environment.
  5. Comply with Regulation, Safety Work and Industrial relation. 



To keep balance environmental preservation, PT.ROKI INDONESIA implemented Biopori program. Biopori are holes in the ground formed by the various activities of organisms therein, such as worms, plant roots, termites and other soil fauna. The holes are formed to fill the air, and will become part of the epidermis on the ground.

 Biopori hole

PT.ROKI INDONESIA has made greening path around the factory environment in order to maintain the environmental balance. In addition to maintaining the beauty of the environment is also to reduce air pollution around the industrial areas. Green channel is also useful to balance the declining groundwater levels due to lack of water catchment areas around the industrial area.

 Planting Area






Award from PT. Astra Honda Motor on Achievment of AHM IRMC(Industrial Relation Management Control)for Suppliers in 3 Aspects : Compliance, Effective Communication & Labor Risk Management 

  Award from PT. Honda Precision Parts Manufacturing in Achievement for Best Quality & Delivery Performance Fiscal Year 2018 


 Certificate of "Piagam HKI" PT. ROKI INDONESIA in recognition for its participation in the BSA Software Audit Program 2010

  Awards from Kawasaki Motor Indonesia to PT. ROKI INDONESIA as "The Excellent Quality Performance 2010"

Appreciation from Astra Daihatsu Motor to PT FILTECH Indonesia for "PARTICIPATION ON COST IMPROVEMENT 2009 / 2010"



Awards from PT ASTRA HONDA MOTOR to PT FILTECH Indonesia as "Best 10 QCD Vendors 2009"


Honda Prospect Motor Appreciation of Achievment for "Best of The Best QCD Performance" FY 2009 Period (April 2009 - March 2010)


The 3rd HPM QCC Supplier FY 2009 as "2nd Winner" for PT FILTECH Indonesia


 Award for PT FILTECH Indonesia in recognition to the valuable contributions to PT KAWASAKI MOTOR INDONESIA as "The Best Quality Performance 2009"


 This Award is presented to PT. FILTECH Indonesia for "Best Cost Support In 2006" from PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing 



As part of ROKI Group Japan, PT. ROKI INDONESIA is committed to always doing research and development of air filter technology that meets the latest global quality and capable of being a top air filters company in the world.